The Situation

You have a dispute. A commercial dispute, for example. You bought something: A house; a car; a television; a home entertainment center. Or you took out a loan. You sold something. Or you hired a contractor. A home inspector. A lawyer. A tree surgeon. An accountant. Or an appraiser. Or you are a contractor, or home inspector, or lawyer, or tree surgeon, or accountant, or appraiser. And then the deal went sour. Something was wrong with the product, or the service, it is claimed. Or payments called for under the contract were not made. Or both. Now the dispute seems to be heading for court.

The Problem

Court is messy. Court takes a long time. It is impersonal. It is demeaning. It is expensive. It lacks flexibility. It requires airing dirty laundry in public. And then there is discovery: Interrogatories. Depositions. Requests for Admissions. Objections to Interrogatories. Objections to Deposition Questions. Court hearings to resolve discovery disputes. And on and on. Eventually the judge and a jury have finally spoken and the ordeal is over. Or is it? Now the losing side can appeal. The battle continues. Maybe for another year. Maybe more.

The Solution

A BETTER WAY TO RESOLVE DISPUTES IS AVAILABLE! Arbitration addresses these issues. Even with arbitration, some of these issues remain, but their sting is softened. Costs are usually less. Much less. Resolution comes more quickly. And if there is an appeal, it will be limited to a small number of fundamental issues.

The example we discussed above was a commercial dispute, but it need not be. Arbitration lends itself to numerous kinds of disputes. These would include disputes involving slip and fall cases, dog bites, property line boundaries, and negligence of all shapes and flavors.

We Can Help!

This is the web site of New Jersey Arbitrations Inc. This site demystifies arbitrations. It discusses issues like ...

  • What is arbitration?

  • What are arbitration's advantages and disadvantages?

  • How does a dispute get into arbitration?

  • How does arbitration work?

And when you draft an arbitration agreement, or have a dispute that is to be arbitrated, this site will suggest that your arbitration agreement specify New Jersey Arbitrations, Inc. to oversee the process.

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